How it works

Connect With Us
Fill out the contact form below and include detailed information about your goals and vision of your project.
Kick-off Meeting

We will schedule a virtual meeting to discuss your project, establish whether designs or permits are required and determine how you would like to proceed.

In-Person Consultation
We will visit your space and conduct an in-person meeting to take measurements and prepare for the proposal.
Proposal Meeting
We will hold an online meeting to review the proposal and provide a detailed breakdown of the project scope and cost.
Pre-Project Launch

A pre-project launch review will be held. You will be assigned a Project Manager and will be introduced to our project team.

You will also receive a customized personal URL and will have access to our Apex Transformations’ app to view live
project progress and be a part of the entire journey.

Project Launch

After the pre-project launch, we will commence the project.
We will provide you with regular communication and updates for the duration of the project.

Project Walkthrough
We will provide you with a comprehensive project walkthrough, and you will receive our warranty program certificate.