Apex Transformations is an award-winning renovation and construction company committed to making homes and workplaces better. We can enhance any space through our proven design processes and our ability to understand our clients’ unique vision through our design services. Our goal is to transform the construction industry with our innovative approach to the art of building and renovating, guaranteeing nothing but extraordinary luxury for our clients.


Contemporary style living room
Beautiful basement entertaining room with LED lighting in tray ceiling
Luxury bathroom with black marble floor and white marble wall
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Transforming the construction industry with our unique take on the art of building and

Our services are backed by years of experience in home renovations and commercial renovations.

As a top renovation company, we strive to abide by our core values and commit to demonstrating a tireless work ethic, ensuring all our clients receive quality service and workmanship. We aim to provide our clients with an exceptional experience and build lasting relationships for years — and projects — to come.

To my mind, the greatest reward for any renovation project is being able to experience the transformation from beginning to end. I enjoy getting to see how a renovation can go from an idea to a reality and lead to an elevated mood and heightened productivity.

Living room with decorative glass wall

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Each of our completed projects comes with a 2-5 year warranty, giving you peace of mind knowing that your home’s renovations are in good hands.


What is your service area?

Our main service area is in the GTA, but we also service all of Ontario.

How soon can I expect an estimate?

We offer estimates generally within 72 hours. This can vary depending on the project complexity and whether site visits are required.

Who will give the estimate?

You will receive an estimate from a qualified representative from Apex Transformations.

How long is the estimate valid for?

The estimate is valid for 10 days from receipt.

Can I get drawings for the project?

Yes. We will determine to what extent drawings are required and whether this will be an additional service that you will need to account for in the budgeting of your project. We recommend you always get drawings for your project so you can get a good idea of what the project will look like.

How do payments work?

Every project varies, but based on industry standards, we typically require a deposit of 20-30% prior to the start of the project. If a project requires custom materials, a 50% deposit is required.

Do you correct work done by another company?

We will first have to visit the property in person in order to evaluate the project  and determine whether we can correct the work, but we will do our best to accommodate our customers.

Can you complete work started by another company?

In order to determine whether we can work on a project started by another company, we will have to visit the property first to verify if their work was completed according to building code standards and whether permits were acquired, but we will do our best to accommodate our customers.

How much will it cost to complete my project?

As every project varies, the cost will be different depending on the size and complexity of the project. We will provide you with a thorough proposal outlining the projected cost of your project.

Do you have a warranty program?

Yes, we have a warranty program which varies depending on the project and is typically for 2-5 years.

Do I have to move out during the renovation service?

It will depend on the project.